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Accounting Club

The Accounting Club connects students from UWP with accounting professionals and internship opportunities in the local community.

Active Minds at UW-Parkside

Active Minds is a mental health awareness group striving to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. We host various mental health speakers, educational campaigns, stress relieving techniques, and other mental health activities.

Adventure Club

Adventure Club!!

Advising and Career Center

The mission of the Academic Advising and Career Center is to provide a high quality student centered advising experience that promotes and empowers the educational, career and personal development of each student as they enter a diverse world.

Alpha Sigma Omega Latina Sorority, Inc (A.S.O.)

Alpha Sigma Omega Latina Sorority, Inc. is a non-traditional greek organization empowering one Womyn at a time

Anthropological Society

The purpose of the Anthropological Society is to allow students interested in Anthropology a greater opportunity to learn about the subject by group activities and discussions.

APICS - UW-Parkside Student Chapter

APICS - UW-Parkside Student Chapter

Artisan Craftsman Establishment (Art Club) (ACE)

ACE is UW-Parkside's art club, and stands for Artisan Craftsman Establishment. ACE is dedicated to the promotion of art at UW-Parkside and in the community, as well as assisting students in preparation for continued education.

Biology Club (BIOS)

Our focus is to provide education about many different career aspects of Biology.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The mission of the Black Student Union is to provide support and resources for ALL students with a target focus on African American students academically, socially, and culturally through programming, networking, and community outreach.

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